Well, this is amusing. Earlier, CBS approved an anti-abortion ad to run during the Super Bowl featuring Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow and his mother. The network is acting in accordance with their newly relaxed policy on advocacy ads. Various women’s groups are demanding that the ad be pulled, even though the FCC regulations don’t give them a leg to stand on.

Now the other shoe has dropped. CBS has received an ad for gay dating website (“Where many, many, many men come out to play,” according to the site’s tagline.) What does the network do now? Accept the ad and piss off many of the same people who’d cheer the Tebow spot? Or reject the ad and piss off people who think CBS has an ideological ax to grind?

My thoughts on all this: 1) I don’t have a problem with Tebow expressing his views in a polite, nonconfrontational manner. 2) This is a clever stunt by Whether their ad runs during the big game or not, they’ve already won themselves gobs of publicity. Did you know about their existence before this? I didn’t. 3) CBS may have an out if all their Super Bowl ad spots have indeed been sold already, as has been claimed. 4) Those viewers who watch the Super Bowl only for the ads (I’ve never understood those people, by the way) have an even bigger reason to tune in this year. 5) A Packers fan and a Vikings fan getting together? Only if it’s hate sex springing from a Brett Favre-related argument.


  1. tebow’s message is one that is needed in this country 4,000 babies our killed everyday that other group is just trying to use this to a chance to get some free advertising the type of people that would be interested in that already knows about it air tebow drop the other

  2. If the Superbowl is getting political, I’m sure not gonna be watching it anymore. Hopefully viewership will drop, and the networks will start to use some common sense.