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BOB SCHIEFFER (photo courtesy wikipedia)

Bob Schieffer Faces Nation For Last Time On Sunday

Jeff Prince
That trench coat wearing, scoop sniffing, former Fort Worth newsman turned national treasure Bob Schieffer is retiring at 78. I can’t recall how many times I’ve awakened on a Sunday morning with a throbbing head, tu...

TCU puts on "Fort Worth Remembers JFK" Wednesday at 6:30pm.

Night & Day

WED ▪ 11 The 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination looms closer and closer, and Fort Worth isn’t about to miss out on the occasion. TCU puts on Fort Worth Remembers JFK, a panel discussion mediated by Bob Sc...

Schieffer Symposium on the News

Jimmy Fowler
With so many news outlets in different media competing for your attention, it’s more important than ever to keep perspective on all the information available in a crowded marketplace. TCU’s Seventh Annual Schieffer Symposiu...