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Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs Bills

Jeff Prince
Seventy players were drafted before the Dallas Cowboys selected DeMarco Murray with the 71st pick in the 2011 NFL draft. Doh! X 70 = Doh!Doh!Doh!Doh!Doh!Doh!Doh!Doh!Doh!Doh!Doh!Doh!Doh!Doh!Doh!Doh!Doh!Doh!Doh!Doh!Doh!Doh!Doh! D...

At Least Roy Williams Didn’t Blame God

Jeff Prince
Dallas Cowboys WR Roy Williams lost the Thanksgiving Day game by fumbling the football, but, as he usually does when faced with adversity, he handled it like a man. Not so much with Buffalo Bills WR Stevie Johnson, who dropped ...