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Miss Tipsy: The First Church of Brunch

Colleen Fischer
Since moving to Fort Worth five years ago, I have always been fascinated by the city’s brunch obsession. Putting on pants on a Sunday morning seemed unnecessary, and putting on full makeup and a dress was just unfathomable. I...

Jon Bonnell

Restaurant News Bites

Laurie Barker James
Café Modern announced that Denise Shavandy will replace the dearly departed Dena Peterson as Executive Chef beginning this week. Chef Peterson’s post-Modern activities include her new catering company. Chef Shavandy helmed t...


Modern Wine, Modern Convo

Chow, Baby
People can be so rude. There I was last week enjoying the near-flawless wine dinner ($100 per person) at Café Modern (3200 Darnell St.). And at one point a couple of diners around me shushed me. I couldn’t believe there were...


So Many Tables, So Little Time

It seems like a lot of my favorite restaurants in town haven’t been around very long. It could be that the new places are just the latest shiny objects dangled in front of my short attention span, but I don’t think so. My t...