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BEYONCE (courtesy of Beyonce's twitter page)

Thinking About Beyonce Stealing Super Bowl And Being All Like … Hmmm

Jeff Prince
So I wake up and hear all these morning news show anchors talking about how Beyonce stole the halftime show right out from under Coldplay during last night’s Super Bowl. A New York Times‘ review is headlined “...

Chris Martin’s Coldplay Guitar Finished

Jeff Prince
Blotch told you about Chris Martin’s guitar making its way to the Adobe Picture Framing in the Stockyards a few weeks back. Well, here’s the finished product: Framing a Gibson acoustic guitar in a shadow box ainR...

Coldplay’s Chris Martin Guitar In Stockyards

Jeff Prince
A cool but freaky guitar just made its way to Adobe Picture Framing manager (and Blotch buddy) Joel Lively. This handpainted Gibson Blues King acoustic guitar was played extensively by Coldplay frontman Chris Martin during the ...