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You Can Design the Mavericks’ Uniforms

Kristian Lin
The always-enterprising Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban just announced on his blog that he’s throwing an open contest to design the team’s uniforms for the 2015-16 season. Already people are posting their ideas. T...

EDDIE GAEDEL AT BAT (Associated Press photo from Wikipedia public site)

Mark Cuban Envisions Brittney Griner As Maverickess

Jeff Prince
The Dallas Morning News report that Mark Cuban is considering drafting Baylor women’s basketball standout Brittney Griner reinforces the notion that the Dallas Mavericks owner is a marketing genius. Griner has about as mu...


Why Some Locals Root For Miami Heat

Jeff Prince
The NBA Finals that the Dallas Mavericks failed to reach because owner Mark Cuban blew up the team (I digress) is approaching Game 5 tonight. The Miami Heat leads the Oklahoma City Thunder 3-1 in the best of seven series. NBA f...

Lamar Odom No Longer Responding

Jeff Prince
Lamar Odom was shown whining and moping during his reality TV show last night, which was filmed shortly after his arrival here from Los Angeles in December. My body isn’t responding, Odom kept saying on last night’s...

Lamar Odom: Beverly Hills Or Hillbillies?

Jeff Prince
L.A. Laker turned Dallas Maverick¬† Lamar Odom is comparing Dallas to one of California’s swankiest cities. “Dallas is a great city,” he told US Weekly. “It reminds me a lot of Beverly Hills [or] Orange ...

Kardashian Sister Eying Miles Austin?

Jeff Prince
One of the Kardashian sisters is packing for her trip to Dallas to be with husband Lamar Odom, the newest member of the Dallas Mavericks. I can’t recall the name of this particular Kardashian sister but she’s the on...

Auction Hunters Has A Hoot In Cowtown

Jeff Prince
Reality isn’t always reality on reality TV, which explains why Spike TV’s Auction Hunters keeps referring to Dallas even though the most recent show is partly filmed in Fort Worth and features Stockyards fixture Dal...

Can Mark Cuban Be Quiet Again Please?

Jeff Prince
It was so nice to hear silence from Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban during the long playoff run. But then his team became NBA champs. And now he’s back to his old self. Sure, he’s innovative, which is how he parla...

Congratulations Go To Miami Heat

Jeff Prince
This doesn’t quite compare to the Dewey-Truman newspaper headline, but the Miami Herald embarrassed itself today by running a full page Macy’s ad congratulating the Miami Heat for winning the NBA championship. In re...

Dallas Mavs To Lose On Sunday

Jeff Prince
A local sports fan mocked my prediction last week that the Dallas Mavs would sweep the Miami Heat in three games at home and win the team’s first ever Finals. Well, Mr. Smarty Pants, my bold prediction fell one shot short...