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(photos courtesy of Don Young)

Time Again For Trout Lily Walk

Jeff Prince
That harbinger of spring known as the trout lily – a cute wildflower with perky petals – begins beckoning nature lovers about this time each year. Poetic environmentalist Don Young describes the wildflowers as “golden-thr...


Don Young Is Bad, He’s Nationwide

Jeff Prince
You’ve seen Don Young’s name in Blotch and the pages of Fort Worth Weekly many times in the past eight years, ever since gas drilling became prevalent near parks, schools, homes, rivers, and lakes. Prior to that, Yo...


Why Some Locals Root For Miami Heat

Jeff Prince
The NBA Finals that the Dallas Mavericks failed to reach because owner Mark Cuban blew up the team (I digress) is approaching Game 5 tonight. The Miami Heat leads the Oklahoma City Thunder 3-1 in the best of seven series. NBA f...


Who’s An Armendariz? And What Bombshell?

Jeff Prince
Al Armendariz, this region’s former administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, will speak at a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing this week in Washington, D.C. The group is looking into the EPA’s...

Olive Is Home

Jeff Prince
Here’s a feel-good story to kick off your weekend: Earlier this week Blotch told readers about Olive, the Tandy Hills Natural Area’s unofficial mascot that went missing. Don and Debora Young were heartbroken and did...

Where’s Olive?

Jeff Prince
The little dog with the funny teeth and sweet personality had become the unofficial mascot of the Tandy Hills Natural Area in recent years, and she’s a familiar sight at the Prairie Fest events. Debora Young adopted the d...

Prairie Fest Debuts New Old Look This Weekend

Jeff Prince
Prairie Fest — Fort Worth’s only large outdoor festival that isn’t a city-sponsored event or paid for by corporations — has gotten too big for its britches. What began seven years ago as a small celebrat...

Molly Moncrief Among Auction Items?

Jeff Prince
A silent auction on April 5 might offer an unusual collection of propaganda material, including the comical portrait of former mayor Mike Moncrief with his beloved gas wells protruding from his noggin like Molly the longhorn. T...

League Of Women Voters Taking Fools Gold?

Jeff Prince
Accepting money from Fort Worth-based natural gas driller Quicksilver Resources earned the local League of Women Voters a raspberry from a local environmentalist. On April 5, the League is hosting Fools Rule, an event to raise ...

Pretty As A Picture

Jeff Prince
Local environmental activist Don Young lives across the street from Tandy Hills Natural Area in East Fort Worth. The prairie park is a lovely place to visit and doesn’t cost a penny to go there to hike or chill. Young vis...