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Goldthwait Strikes Gold

Jimmy Fowler
Fans of twisted comedies in general – and 1980s’ standup turned filmmaker Bobcat Goldthwait in particular – shouldn’t miss ”World’s Greatest Dad,” released on DVD last week. Since the movie stars longtime Gold...

Baby Monster

Jimmy Fowler
It’s that season again – the time when fans of horror, suspense and speculative cinema are scrambling to find something fresh to watch. Let me recommend a low-budget satiric shocker that generated quite a buzz at this year...

Netflix’s Ten Percent Solution

Kristian Lin
Earlier this week Netflix awarded $1 million to a team of researchers calling themselves BellKor’s Pragmatic Chaos. At issue is Cinematch, the part of the website that comes up with a set of recommended movie rentals pers...

DVD Reviews

Anthony Mariani
AUSTRALIA (PG) Bloated but charming and effective WWII-period piece by native Australian Baz Luhrmann (Romeo & Juliet, Moulin Rouge). Fellow Aussie and Luhrmann go-to gal Nicole Kidman stars as Lady Ashley, a.k.a. Mrs. Boss...