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Julie Wilson participated in a Fort Worth City Council pre-council meeting in 2008. Gary Hogan is at left, and XTO Energy’s Walter Dueease is in the center. Courtesy FWCANDO.org

Wells, Well-Being, and Julie Wilson

The hiring of former Chesapeake Energy Corp. spokeswoman Julie H. Wilson to lead a health initiative in Fort Worth has many local people astounded and confused –– but certainly not tongue-tied. Wilson’s critics don’t mi...


Fort Worth in His Rearview Mirror

The Don Quixote character who picketed, protested, and pummeled city officials the most over urban drilling during the past decade has finally gone and done it. He’s put his house on the market. Don Young has been talking abo...

Kessler: “I thought they were going to invade my house.”

Playing Nice?

An alleged tip sends the FBI out to question Denton drilling activists.
Photos and story by ANDREW MCLEMORE
North Texas environmental activists frequently feel as though local officials ignore their protests against gas drilling, but it turns out it’s easy enough to get the federal government’s attention — if the FBI thinks you...