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The Right Thing

To the editor: Peter Gorman’s “Ethics: Chipping Away” (Aug. 15, 2012) brought back memories. I was formerly a member of the Ethics Review Committee that heard a complaint on Aug. 19, 2010, against certain council-appointe...

New Ethics Committee, Same Problems

Jeff Prince
A revamped Ethics Review Committee met today to pick up the pieces after a Mayor Mike Moncrief-led tsunami decimated the old committee (“Has Fort Worth Lost Its Moral Compass?” Sept. 22, 2010). Moncrief wasn’t...

Fort Worth’s Ethics Get Slapped

Jeff Prince
A nonprofit, nonpartisan Florida-based organization that provides advice on local government ethics matters has recently issued a two-part article referencing Fort Worth — and not in a good way. Robert Wechsler, research ...

Ethics Committee Overruled, Fired

Jeff Prince
For once, Mayor Mike Moncrief went through an entire meeting without muttering his favorite phrase — “it’s the Fort Worth Way.” Strange, since the Fort Worth Way was so evident in today’s special m...