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Layla Luna’s “7 Moves”


Fort Worth Contemporary Arts
Artists like Leonardo da Vinci showed the world how art and mathematics could speak to each other. Fort Worth Contemporary Arts hopes to continue that hallowed tradition with its show 1-7, featuring pieces by seven local MFA st...

Eight-bit technology drives Fort Worth artist Kris Pierce.

Headed to Falloff

Two Fort Worth artists unite for a conceptually spooky show.
The corridor is kind of creepy. Long. Dimly lit. Looks like it’s empty all the time. Very ax murderer-y. Located on the second floor of Tarrant County College’s Southeast Campus, this stretch of vinyl tile is definitely hai...


The show at Fort Worth Contemporary Arts comprises sculptural pieces from the Rachofsky Collection, which is housed in Dallas. These works were chosen because they address the Rachofsky’s space in some way, so displaying ...