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Deputy Police Chief Charlie Ramirez is trying to assuage hard feelings in the community. Photo by Jeff Prince.

North Side, FWPD at Odds

Questions still surround a shooting by a Fort Worth police officer.
Jeff Prince
An attorney representing the relatives of Daniel Brumley, who was shot four times by a Fort Worth police officer on Jan. 17, said the autopsy report raises more questions about what happened that night. Brumley’s relatives an...

Jessica Castillo, Daniel Brumley’s mother,  talked with Deputy Chief Charlie Ramirez at the meeting. Jeff Prince

Piling on Trouble

Northside and Eastside residents are increasingly worried about police behavior.
Jeff Prince
The meeting last week was intended to introduce Hispanic leaders to local families who’ve lost loved ones in police shootings. Everyone would discuss ideas for improving communication between residents and police. But few lea...


BLOOD on Whose Hands?

Family and friends want to know how Daniel Brumley died at a simple traffic stop.
Jeff Prince
At a time when outrage over the frequency of police shootings is growing regionally and nationally, the killing of Daniel Brumley on a brisk morning last month in Fort Worth passed by with barely a ripple. The Star-Telegram pri...


Krampusnacht in Cowtown

Is your holiday season missing a certain spark? Maybe the magical sound of children’s terrified screams is what you need, a spice that only Krampus can provide this time of year. I’ve been campaigning for a while now to bri...


A Maze of Pain

Physicians and injured workers say city-hired bureaucrats are denying them needed medical care — for years.
Last April, Sergeant Chip Gillette, a 27-year veteran of the Fort Worth Police Department, was coming to a stop at a red light when a frantic woman covered in blood approached his squad car. The woman spoke only Spanish, but he...

FW Cop Cites Litterbug — Hooray!

Jeff Prince
Fort Worth Star-Telegram reporter Deanna Boyd’s story about a woman ticketed for throwing her cigarette out her car window made my day. I can’t stand roadway litterbugs tossing their non-biodegradable cigarette butt...