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Perry Corn dog

Texas Republicans Versus New York

Eric Griffey
Governor Rick Perry has been on the warpath against other states. He’s taken out radio ads in Illinois, California, and New York trying to convince businesses to move to deep in the heart of Texas. Well, one New Yorker ha...


Purple Donkey Punch

Eric Griffey
To quote Stephen Colbert, the host of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, “The Democrats are messing with Texas.” For the Dems, Texas has been a giant void in the electoral map since the Carter administration...

Idol’s Casey James Almost Went Way Of Coyote

Jeff Prince
Casey James dodged a bullet last night, which can happen when you hail from a state where the governor packs a .380 Ruger handgun loaded with hollow points as protection against snakes (and the occasional coyote). Really? Hollo...