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Drive-In Culture Returns to North Texas

This Friday night (May 10) is the official opening of the Coyote Drive-In just south of Lagrave Field near downtown Fort Worth. This revival of a staple of North Texas pop culture from the ‘50s through the ‘70s couldn’t b...

(Photo by Walmart)

Walmart Opens Friday In Overlooked Southeast Fort Worth

Jeff Prince
A section of town that is often ignored by retailers and developers is gearing up for a bonanza of a grand opening. “Walmart is opening in southeast Fort Worth on Friday and I would like to see you all there,” Fort ...

The Fort’s Burgermeister Strikes Again

Jimmy Fowler
Tim Love’s new Love Shack So7, located at 817 Matisse St off West 7th, has a grand opening celebration this Sunday August 2. Love is a lamb admirer, and to prove he ain’t just bleatin’ Dixie, the baa-aahd-ass 3-6pm festiv...