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Daniel Craig and Léa Seydoux wait for a train in the Moroccan desert in "Spectre".

Bonded Out

Spectre bids a fond farewell to Daniel Craig as 007.
Kristian Lin
Forming a neatly rounded-off tetralogy with the previous three James Bond movies, Spectre sure feels like the end of the line for Daniel Craig as the storied secret agent. If it indeed is, the 47-year-old actor can depart proud...

Javier Bardem just wants to feel Daniel Craig’s pectoral muscles in Skyfall.

Skyfall: The Divine Ms. M

James Bond is back, but his boss makes this better than ever.
One thing the James Bond series has been known for is the “Bond girls,” those hot women of various ethnicities and varying degrees of usefulness in a crisis whom 007 unfailingly takes to bed. The newest Bond movie, Skyfall,...

R.I.P., John Barry

Kristian Lin
While I was writing up my Milton Babbitt obituary earlier, another composer also passed away this past weekend. John Barry, who penned dozens of scores for Hollywood movies and won five Oscars, died last Sunday at the age of 77...

Book, Rare Book On Bond, James Bond

Jeff Prince
A rare books auction in Dallas next month has an item sure to appeal to Baby Boomers who grew up devouring Ian Fleming books and watching James Bond movies. If I had an extra $40,000 or $50,000 lying around, I’d put in a bid ...