A rare books auction in Dallas next month has an item sure to appeal to Baby Boomers who grew up devouring Ian Fleming books and watching James Bond movies.

If I had an extra $40,000 or $50,000 lying around, I’d put in a bid myself. Unfortunately, I don’t have even an extra $40 or $50 lying around and so that’s one less bidder for you to contend with.


Fleming’s Casino Royale introduced super spy Bond to the public in 1953 and has been made and remade into movies. The book also introduces M, Bond’s spymaster and superior.

M is a fictional character said to be based on Fleming’s ranking superior during his 1940s stint with British Naval Intelligence.

Heritage Auction Galleries of Dallas is offering a first edition copy of Casino Royale autographed by Fleming and apparently personalized to the person who inspired the fictional superior.

“To M,” Fleming wrote. “These pages from my memoirs! Ian.”

Don’t tell me that wouldn’t fit nicely on a bookshelf, even though most of us common folks will have to settle for our dog-eared and unsigned paperback with the fudge sundae stain on the cover.

The auction is Oct. 16 and 17.