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Oh!!!! Oscar Wilde Visits Jersey Shore

Kristian Lin
Apparently Playbill.com has found the recipe for comedy gold. They took two actors starring in a current Broadway production of The Importance of Being Earnest and had them recite transcripts of dialogue from Jersey Shore as if...

Mining Dad’s Sh*t For Gold Nuggets

Jeff Prince
The success of this twitterer-turned-author must be difficult to take for frustrated, would be writers who could never finish that novel, or, worse, the ones who did and couldn’t get it published. A guy in his late 20s mo...

Hip Tips (Thu., Dec. 19, ’09)

Anthony Mariani
MUST-SEE TV He’s buff, has orange skin, and wears tight-fitting or little clothing. (“Sun’s out, guns out, bro!”) He pouts for the cameras, has spiked hair, and likes to pump his fist to techno music at clubs. (“Total...