Daniel Guido lives with his wife and four children in far northern Fort Worth and wanted to create closeness among other families in his Park Glen neighborhood. About 3,300 homes are situated there with a diverse mixture of people, and Guido decided to use bikes, exercise, and fun to bring them closer together. In late 2016, he created the Park Glen Bike Gang and encouraged kids and their parents to go on regular organized rides. They begin with a safety briefing followed by a slow roll through the neighborhood and on to one of the nearby parks, where they relax awhile before heading back to the home base for snacks. To ensure participation, Guido began finding old bikes, repairing them, and giving them to kids and parents for free. Guido has established numerous sources for bike donations and has repaired and given away about 700 bikes in the past three years. He will repair bikes for free as many times as they need it. When I asked Guido which song he wanted to sing this week, he suggested the theme song to Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood because its message aligns so well with his own vision. Guido’s son Vince helps out on tuba. Thanks, Guido, for the great bike program and sweet song. — Jeff Prince


  1. Thanks for the opportunity, Jeff and Wyatt – you two are doing your own brand of neighboring…and that’s the point. Bikes is our thing…use what we have, know, or enjoy (our thing) to #buildtheneighborhoodyouwanttolivein.