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The Buddha on KERA-TV

Jimmy Fowler
Tonight’s (Wednesday’s) 8pm broadcast premiere of the PBS documentary The Buddha on KERA-TV Channel 13 should be worth a look – even if, as this NYT review warns, writer-director David Grubin leans toward the thumb-suckin...

Trinity Visions

Jimmy Fowler
Tree huggers, owl savers and local historians, take note – tonight (Monday) at 9pm is when KERA TV Channel 13 airs its original documentary ”Living with the Trinity.” The hour-long doc focuses on an eight year period (196...

Everything’s A-OK

Jimmy Fowler
Today’s the 40th anniversary of my all-time favorite kid’s show “Sesame Street.” (Broadcast locally, of course, by KERA-TV Channel 13). If you couldn’t take the day off, then productivity at your office should at leas...