Today’s the 40th anniversary of my all-time favorite kid’s show “Sesame Street.” (Broadcast locally, of course, by KERA-TV Channel 13). If you couldn’t take the day off, then productivity at your office should at least grind to a halt as ex-children who grew up watching this remarkably witty show peruse YouTube’s ”SS Channel.” (You have to subscribe, natch).

Elmo has been allowed to hijack the show over the years, but even his character has layers – I think he’s the most passive-aggressive, subtly manipulative muppet ever.

Here’s one of the original 1970s openers with theme song. Do you think that toddler staring up at Big Bird in the field is now a woman in her late ‘30s with an irrational fear of the color yellow?


Here’s a takeoff of “The Dating Game” called ”The Eating Game,” hosted by America’s favorite game show host Guy Smiley. It features one hot plate and a very fresh fish. The lesson some of us still haven’t learned from this segment? “As you know, asking questions is a great way to find things out.” Seriously, congrats to all “Sesame Street” artists past, present, and future.