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Mark Cuban’s Gift To The World

Jeff Prince
Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban might have delivered the final wake-up call when he grew tired of the listless attitude and lazy play of Lamar Odom and sent him packing. TMZ is reporting today that Odom is ending the Khloe &a...

Lamar Odom No Longer Responding

Jeff Prince
Lamar Odom was shown whining and moping during his reality TV show last night, which was filmed shortly after his arrival here from Los Angeles in December. My body isn’t responding, Odom kept saying on last night’s...

Lamar Odom: Beverly Hills Or Hillbillies?

Jeff Prince
L.A. Laker turned Dallas Maverick¬† Lamar Odom is comparing Dallas to one of California’s swankiest cities. “Dallas is a great city,” he told US Weekly. “It reminds me a lot of Beverly Hills [or] Orange ...