Lamar Odom was shown whining and moping during his reality TV show last night, which was filmed shortly after his arrival here from Los Angeles in December.

My body isn’t responding, Odom kept saying on last night’s show.

What he meant was, “My body isn’t rebounding…or shooting…or playing defense…or doing anything besides slouching around and feeling sorry for myself for having to play basketball in godawful Texas for millions of dollars.”


His Kardashian wife tried to cheer him up on Khloe & Lamar with a nonstop barrage of annoying baby talk, but it didn’t work. At least she came across as a trooper willing to move to Dallas and stay positive even if her hubby wasn’t.

We all know by now that Odom’s attitude didn’t change during the ensuing months, and now the Mavs have told him to take a long vacation, according to this ESPN story.

Looks like the team will try to trade him in the off-season, although if Odom doesn’t go to a Los Angeles team he’ll probably pull the same disappearing act. He loves L.A.

I understand the feeling (in reverse) — I tried to live in Los Angeles once and was so homesick for Fort Worth that I moved back home within six months.


  1. Let’s not be too hard on him. The guy’s a frustrating head case, but he had a rough off-season this year: His cousin was murdered and he was a passenger in a car accident that killed someone else. He never wanted to leave L.A., and Dallas grabbed him to get him away from the Lakers. Plus, the Mavericks’ offense this year has tons of problems that have nothing to do with Odom’s lack of contribution. The Mavs now have one less distraction to deal with, and some time away from basketball might very well do Odom some good.

  2. A poosay is a poosay is a poosay. I don’t care who died. A cousin dying? Come on. It doesn’t take a year to get over that. And he’s paid to get over things like that. No, Odom is a poosay. No more, no less. Good riddance. I hope there aren’t any other stupid teams in the NBA that pick him up and that poosay is finished in the NBA. What a waste of talent all because he has no sack.

  3. “He’s paid to get over things like that”? That’s pretty cold. In my experience, large amounts of money don’t tend to do much to cure bereavement issues. Do we think that rich people miss their deceased loved ones any less than the rest of us? And somehow I don’t think Odom is somewhere gleefully throwing cash in the air while cackling “Suckers!” He seems like a guy who needs therapy.

    Of course, whatever Odom’s mental condition might be, it doesn’t change the fact that the Mavericks have wasted $9 million on him. Then again, it’s not my money, nor is it yours. And we should ask why the Mavs thought it was a good idea to spend that kind of cash on a guy with a history of thin-skinned behavior who didn’t want to leave his comfort zone.

  4. $9 million is not the amount of money paid for him to get over stuff like that… it’s the amount of money that a person who is so professional that they won’t let their personal life affect their athletic performance should earn. Odom, however is not professional in such ways. Clearly he should just give that money back.

  5. Yeah Patrick I’m sure you give back your salary when you have a bad year, too, right? Jeez watching sports turns people into animals, Biffula’s post is as good of an example as you’ll ever see of being just totally devoid of any shred of human decency when it comes to sports. If sports makes you that twisted, you should just turn it off. If not, well, crappy fans deserve crappy experiences.