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Memorable Moments from 2010′s Movies

Kristian Lin
I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier: Film Comment used to do a feature in their print version called “Moments Out of Time” to recap the year in films. They stopped about 10 years ago, but revived it five yea...

Breakout Talents of 2010′s Movies

Kristian Lin
Notice that the title of my post doesn’t say “breakout stars,” like some other similar lists do. That’s because my list includes filmmakers as well as hot new actors. What all these people have in common is that they al...

This Blog Post Is Kick-Ass

Kristian Lin
The headline just doesn’t have the same ring as the one on my review of Kick-Ass, does it? I wanted to get my leftover thoughts about the movie closer to its DVD release last Tuesday, but more pressing matters intervened. Jus...