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Cliff Lee Hurls Spitball In Texas’ Face

Jeff Prince
Gosh, we thought you liked us. We thought you’d bonded with us. After all we’d been through, we thought we had something special. Nope. “Hey, babe, it was fun — see ya around sometime,” pitcher Cli...

Phillies Fan Better Off Tazed Than Mad-Dogged

Jeff Prince
That teenager who got tazed by a Philadelphia cop for running on the field at a Phillies baseball game isn’t getting much sympathy. Most online comments I’ve read are along the lines of “the attention-craving ...

Jennifer Valdivia Gets Ryan Howard HR Ball

Jeff Prince
Justice triumphs. The 12-year-old Florida girl who nabbed a record-setting home run ball by Philadelphia Phillies slugger Ryan Howard, and then was hustled out of her prize by team officials has finally got her ball back. Howar...