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Sacha Baron Cohen does a victory dance with his nation’s flag in The Dictator.

The Not-So-Great Dictator

Sacha Baron Cohen is such a dic in this constraining comedy.
I jumped the gun on calling this once before, but now it truly appears that Sacha Baron Cohen has become too famous to keep making guerrilla-style comedies by going undercover and portraying buffoons for the benefit of unsuspec...

Mama Mia: Cohen To Portray Mercury

Jeff Prince
Looks like Sacha Baron Cohen will try to portray rock ‘n roll’s most unique frontman, the inimitable Freddie Mercury of Queen. Let’s pray that Cohen lip syncs. Mercury’s melodies and vocal range were so ...

The Gay Terminator

Jimmy Fowler
Nothing needs to be added to Kristian Lin’s review of ”Bruno” this week, but I have a few personal notes on watching the movie. As a lifelong gay movie fan who’s frequently been less than satisfied with “gay movies,...