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Ads Don’t Add Up

Fort Worth Weekly
Fort Worth resident Rodney Hill was listening to Sportsradio 1310 The Ticket the other day when an announcer said the news program was sponsored by the Tarrant Regional Water District. “It was weird,” Hill said. “Why does...


Curse of the TIF

Fort Worth should create a tax-increment financing district — a.k.a. TIF — for insufferable pop poser Justin Bieber. While we’re at it, give another to Tarrant Regional Water District’s megalomaniacal general manager Ji...


Water Disputes

Fort Worth Weekly
Tarrant Regional Water District Executive Director Jim Oliver took umbrage a few days back upon hearing that board member Mary Kelleher had spoken to a group of journalists and others at the University of Texas at Arlington on ...


Listener Hears Correctly

A loyal reader called Static last week to complain about a commercial he heard on radio station WBAP/820 AM. A station announcer had prefaced a news report by saying that it was sponsored by the Tarrant Regional Water District....


On The Trail Of A Smell At Eagle Mountain Lake

Jeff Prince
You’ve heard of Ace Ventura, Pet Detective. Meet Jeff Prince, Poop Detective. Someone came to the Fort Worth Weekly office while it was closed and stuck an anonymous, handwritten letter on our front door with duct tape. T...

MARY KELLEHER (photo by Naomi Vaughan)

Tarrant Regional Water District Board To Censure Mary Kelleher?

Jeff Prince
Board member Mary Kelleher has spent the past year poking and prodding for public documents and insisting on more transparency among her peers at the Tarrant Regional Water District. She presented herself as a regular person tr...


Evaporating lawsuits

Two lawsuits accusing Tarrant Regional Water District board members of illegally extending their term limits have run into stumbling blocks. Earlier this month, a federal judge declined to rule on a lawsuit filed by the Rev. Ky...

Ross Fischer will help the Tarrant Regional Water District with open-records requests and ethics consultations. Courtesy Ross Fischer

More Open or More Obstructive?

Kelleher has questions about an ethics official hired by the water board.
Accusations of being secretive and working behind closed doors have dogged the Tarrant Regional Water District and its board of directors ever since they began overseeing the controversial Trinity River Vision project 10 years ...


Parsing That Extra Year

Tarrant Regional Water District board member Jim Lane doesn’t believe in politicians granting themselves extra time on their terms without voter approval. That’s why he voted no in 2012 when the board was considering cancel...


Residents Sue Tarrant Regional Water District

Jeff Prince
Remember when the Tarrant Regional Water District board in 2012 voted to change elections from even-numbered years to odd-numbered years, which had the effect of giving several board members an extra year to serve on their four...