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The Top Shelf: “Tiki” Dave Mayer of The Usual

Brad Hensarling
An aspiring priest walks into a bar… Eight years ago a cherub-faced young man approached me at The Chat Room looking for work. As I typically prefer to hire people with at least some bar experience outside of just drinking, t...

Warm Up Fort Worth

Jimmy Fowler
Temperatures are expected to drop dramatically this weekend. The local project known as “Warm Up Fort Worth” is collecting donations of cold-weather attire for the city’s homeless and needy. “WUFW” needs plenty of soc...

The Usual to Open on Nov. 9

Chat Room owner Brad Henslaring’s new bar, The Usual, will be opening up across the street from his current hipster haven on Mad-Nolia ave. in 10 days,  in the same spot that once housed MacHenry’s and the second c...

The Fort Worth Factory

Jimmy Fowler
Check out this week’s interview with installation artist Kate McDougall and graphic designer/filmmaker Brad Simmons, who’ve been inspired by Andy Warhol’s early series of black and white films to create a similar piece of...