Check out this week’s interview with installation artist Kate McDougall and graphic designer/filmmaker Brad Simmons, who’ve been inspired by Andy Warhol’s early series of black and white films to create a similar piece of “living portraiture” this Sunday, July 26 at The Chat Room. They want everyone to come and participate a la Warhol’s famous Factory. (That is, it’ll be done Factory-style minus the rampant amphetamine and heroin use and minus Warhol’s arguably grotesque exploitation of people who’d do literally anything for their fifteen minutes…).

Here’s a glimpse of two legendary Warhol films that employ the minimalist ideas that intrigue McDougall and Simmons – 1963’s ”Kiss” and 1964’s ”Blow Job”. I remember a UNT film class many centuries ago in Denton, and how thrilled certain class members were upon learning we’d be watching an art flick called “Blow Job.” How outré! What a highly controversial, college-type thing to do! Then we got a glimpse of Warhol the trickster at work – “B.J.” must be the tamest short film with the dirtiest title in the history of cinema.