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Cliburn in Russia

Jimmy Fowler
Van Cliburn is such An Institution here in the Fort that he tends to get taken for granted. But this past weekend The New York Times showed Cliburn some love with an intriguing story about his recent return visit to Russia to s...

NY Times Takes Aim At Gas Drilling

Jeff Prince
Director Josh Fox’s documentary on natural gas drilling, “Gasland,” didn’t win an Oscar at last night’s Academy Awards program, but gas drilling critics today are still pumped: The New York Times k...

“I Brake for BBQ. — God”

Jimmy Fowler
Looks like the Fort’s Christian vs. atheist skirmish has reached all the way to the New York Times. As I’ve said before – I’m a Catholic, but I’m also a gay man, so I have to side with the atheists on this one. How do...