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Catch Fort Worth on The Tonight Show

Anthony Mariani
Fort Worth boys Jordan Richardson (formerly of Oliver Future, currently of EPIC RUINS) and The Orbans’ Justin Pate will perform tonight as part of Ben Harper’s Relentless 7 on The Tonight Show (10:30 p.m. our time) tonight ...

Jay Leno’s Dance Of Disingenuousness

Jeff Prince
The Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien, NBC debacle just keeps getting juicier and sloppier. Leno has been a human Hacky Sack for the past few weeks among comedians, TV pundits, and bloggers (led by Blotch of course). His primetime show...

Conan Fights Back; Leno Still Lame

Jeff Prince
The plan hatched by NBC was perfect: move Jay Leno back to his old 10:35 p.m. (Central) time slot, push Conan O’Brien and “The Tonight Show” back to 11:05 p.m., and follow with Jimmy Fallon at five after midnight. Perfect...