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Blay feature

Untitled: Fort Worth Weekly’s Art Blog

Christopher Blay
“What you see” Timothy Harding at Cris Worley Fine Arts, Dallas A lot of painters eventually move away from the canvas and into sculptural installations. I think it’s because when painting moved away from represen...

Kris Pierce’s “A Challenger Appears”


The Art Corridor
In lighting terms, falloff is the rate of how much dimmer a light appears the farther away one is from the source. This is the title of Kris Pierce and Timothy Harding’s group show at TCC’s Southeast Campus. The exhibit rem...

Harding’s Art Systems

Jimmy Fowler
This week’s Art page features an interview with Fort Worth artist Timothy Harding, whose detailed, cerebral drawings and installations are concerned with the patterns that run underneath visual art, pop culture, city architec...