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Fort Worth Museum of Science celebrates its humble beginnings in Hidden Treasures.

Night & Day

Kristian Lin
Wed 8 - Outdoor movie screenings continue to spread across Tarrant County, and the latest venue to start is Levitt Pavilion. This summer, the Arlington music stage will be holding movies on Wednesday nights, and it starts its s...

Plenty o’ Bard

Jimmy Fowler
This week’s “Stage” page features an interview with actress Trisha Miller, former Dallasite and current Portland, OR resident who’s been performing with TCU’s Trinity Shakespeare Festival since its inception in 2009. ...

Bard to Tears?

Jimmy Fowler
Tonight (Thursday) is opening night for Trinity Shakespeare Festival’s 2010 production of Hamlet, and although I didn’t catch the preview, the show promises to be vibrant and highly accessible. This week’s ”Stage” pie...

William, ‘Speared

Jimmy Fowler
If you’ve read this week’s Stage, then you know that that sloppy old fraud William Shakespeare goes crashing down to earth. His reputation will never recover. Western civilization has renounced “Bardolatry,” come to its...