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MERLE HAGGARD (courtesy wikipedia)

To Answer Merle Haggard’s Question: No

Jeff Prince
Pretend you’re taking the SAT test, and here’s your first question: Americans are buying more new cars than ever and yet the average age of the typical car on the road today is reaching a high mark. How is that possible...


“USA Today” Confirms Hugeness of Speedway Screen

You may have heard that Texas Motor Speedway is bragging about its proposed new HD screen. The thing about this particular video board is that it’s really big –– so huge, in fact, officials have nicknamed it “Big Hoss...

Fred’s is Tops in Texas

Jimmy Fowler
I don’t normally check out USA Today before deciding where to go to lunch, but that may have to change: The national daily declared Fred’s to be one of Texas’s great burger dives as part of its “51 Great Burger Joints...