MERLE HAGGARD (courtesy wikipedia)

Pretend you’re taking the SAT test, and here’s your first question: Americans are buying more new cars than ever and yet the average age of the typical car on the road today is reaching a high mark. How is that possible?

If you’re an average student, you answered: “How is what possible?”

If you’re a great student, you said, “Cars are more reliable these days and last longer, offsetting the number of new cars being snapped up. Also, a long recession that dates back almost 10 years has made people hang onto their cars longer.”

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If you’re a bad student, you said, “Only crappy bloggers riff on stale USA Today stories about cars.”

Well, excuse me, but I happen to find this interesting. Seems like only yesterday (1983) that Merle Haggard was singing “Are The Good Times Really Over For Good?”

Wish a Ford and a Chevy / Could still last ten years like they should / Is the best of the free life behind us now? / Are the good times really over for good?

Rest easy, Hag.

The typical car on the road these days is 11.5 years. By that barometer, the answer to your question is, “No, the good times are not really over for good.” Figure in low gas prices and easy access to fresh water, cheap beer, and taco trucks, and we live in a veritable paradise.;_ylt=A0LEVkAyQbpVaQYAxBgnnIlQ;_ylc=X1MDMTM1MTE5NTY4NwRfcgMyBGZyA3locy1tb3ppbGxhLTAwMQRncHJpZANYLm9Zc1hkWlI4NlI4QXo4VmhUOEhBBG5fcnNsdAMwBG5fc3VnZwM0BG9yaWdpbgNzZWFyY2gueWFob28uY29tBHBvcwMxBHBxc3RyA21lcmxlIGhhZ2dhcmQgZ29vZCB0aW1lcyByZWFsbARwcXN0cmwDMzAEcXN0cmwDNDUEcXVlcnkDbWVybGUgaGFnZ2FyZCBnb29kIHRpbWVzIHJlYWxseSBvdmVyIGZvciBnb29kBHRfc3RtcAMxNDM4MjcwMDE0?p=merle+haggard+good+times+really+over+for+good&fr2=sa-gp-search&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-001


  1. Allini,

    First of all, what in the hell kind of nameW is Allini. Someone who likes to hide their ignorant opinion behind a false front.
    Secondly, the story may seem pointless to you because you lack the depth of knowledge and understanding to reach the “point”.
    Thirdly, what in the hell are you doing at 4:15 pm that you have the time to go out of your way to make a negative comment. Your lack of understanding and appreciation makes a statement to your cognitive ability. I would attempt to explain the story in terms more along the kinds of your comprehension but I am not fluent in “dumbass”.

    If you think this story is pointless, submit your resume to Fort Worth Weekly or any other major news outlet and attempt to publish your own nonsense. Until your apparent all-knowing talent is discovered, how about you keep your tommy two-thumbing ass on the couch with your potato chip girlfriend and reflect on how you got where YOU are in life?!?

    This particular writer has more talent in his left earlobe than you will ever be able to muster.

    • Did you sneak out or get parole Stouty? You coundn’t hold down a job at the stinking StartleGram, you’re a pure loser, a Tea-Bagging half-wit. Baggers are despised by normal Repug greed-heads and Southern Baptist fruitloops with chickenshit between their toes. Give it up, clean up and amount to something. We’re praying for you.

  2. Merle & Willie said that it’s all going to pot. Whether we like it or not. Best they can tell. The world’s gone to hell. And we’re all gonna miss it a lot.

    Song lyrics!