Fort Worth city council member Joel Burns announced in an email yesterday evening that he will not run for Wendy Davis’s seat in the Texas Senate. On the day Davis announced she was running for Texas governor earlier this month, Burns sent out a letter to his supporters stating that he was considering running for her seat.

In his email, he said he had “mapped a strong potential path to victory for such a race.” Adding that he believes Texas needs new leadership on matters such as transportation and education.

“After many weeks of thought and consideration, my next steps have became very clear to me,” he said. “And I want to share with you — my many friends, neighbors and supporters — my decision: Quite simply, the job I most want is the one I already have.”


He said Some of the factors that are keeping him in town include “our own City’s transportation shortcomings,and making sure we provide the best public safety and city services to our citizens while balancing our City budget.”

Burns pledged to stay involved in deciding who will run in Davis’s place.

Republicans Mark Shelton, Konni Burton, Tony Pompa, Mark Skinner have already announced their candidacy. No Democrat has announced plans to run for the seat.



  1. Joel is not running simply because his polling showed he could not win. He is ambition personified. His problem is that he has nowhere to go. He is now waiting for Mayor of FW and he has not yet discovered that his prospects for Mayor are likely as dire as his aborted 2-week-long campaign for SD 10. It’s also hard to become Mayor if your colleagues do not like you too well.