The Dallas Cowboys are 0-2 this December, but it could be worse.

Actually, now that I think about it and do the math, it couldn’t be worse — 0-2 after two games is as bad as it gets.

Unless your name is Tony Romo, then it could be worse.


The worldwide inter-blog-web-tweetosphere is  disemboweling Tony “Oh No” Romo.

FOX Sports didn’t mince words even in its headline: “Look up the definition of ‘ordinary,’ and you’ll find Tony Romo.” (Any reporter or headline writer who uses “Look up the definition of blank and you’ll find blank…” has basically given up on being creative but that’s another story.)

The Dallas Morning News used the “c” word: “Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo chokes in the clutch yet again.

The New York Post followed suit: “Romo’s earned his choker label and it’s not going away.

How about this one from USA Today: “Tony Romo is bad but the Cowboys are worse.

I still haven’t given up on Romo. He’s been too heroic too many times over the years. He can make everyone forget those choker claims and bad headlines by going 2-0 in the next two weeks. This would allow the Cowboys to claim first place in their division and head to the playoffs.

I’m betting Romo will get ‘er done.

Are you wid me or agin me?




  1. Instead of Romo, everybody should be shelling the Cowboys’ defense. They’re the ones who made Matt freakin’ Flynn look like the NFL’s MVP.