About The Fort Worth Weekly

About The Fort Worth Weekly

Since 1994, Fort Worth Weekly has provided a vibrant alternative to North Texas’ often-timid mainstream media outlets by offering incisive, irreverent reportage that keeps readers well informed and the powers-that-be worried.

With award-winning and irreverent reporters who keep readers well informed and the powers-that-be worried, the Weekly is an award-winning media outlet renowned for its in-depth investigative reporting and cultural criticism. The Weekly’s editorial staff may have more decorations per capita than any newsroom in the country: numerous awards from the Houston and Dallas press clubs, the State Bar, National Women’s Political Caucus, Association of Alternative Newsweeklies, and Investigative Reporters and Editors.

News and features: In our pages, readers discover new sides of Fort Worth, from school contracting scandals to smelly environmental messes and the misdeeds of elected officials, from the doings of the city’s powerful elite to the region’s connections to terrorism. Even longtime Fort Worth residents have probably learned something from our features on local e-Bay traders, radio personalities, polygamists, peach farmers, and adult advertisers.

The Weekly makes a difference: Our stories have helped expose the corruption that brought down MCI Worldcom, sparked investigations of an alleged high-society pedophile, and helped victims of human trafficking, corporate racism, and government-sanctioned pollution receive justice.

Arts and entertainment: Nearly every day we mine the rich vein of progressive musical talent that runs beneath the city’s dusty Cowtown image. We offer profiles of some of the most exciting artists in not just Fort Worth but all of North Texas, plus CD reviews, breaking news, regional listings, and HearSay, a weekly local music column written by the same lovable curmudgeon for the past decade. Our fine arts critics, in covering some of the Southwest’s premier cultural institutions, produce articulate, informed reviews of local art exhibits and stage productions, and our film critic possesses a passion for and knowledge of film that’s unparalleled. Most of our writers know how music and art are made because they’ve done it. Our food critics take no prisoners, and our dining-out columnist Chow, Baby has the distinctive touch of a top chef –– with an English lit degree.

Blotch: From parking wars to Dallas Cowboys game recaps, DVD reviews to breaking local music news, our updated-daily blog is unified not thematically but stylistically: No matter what we’re writing about, we’re writing about it the Weekly way. (No apologies to former Mayor Mike Moncrief and his “Fort Worth way.”)

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