Music Awards Ballot 2015

Music Awards Ballot 2015

Music Awards Are Here

It’s that time of year when we get together and celebrate all of the awesome music –– and maybe even some non-awesome tuneage –– that was pumped out of our fair burgh over the past 365 days or so. And only because some people may be new to town, I feel compelled to add that our 18th Annual Music Awards are just for fun, just an excuse to show off some –– not all, only some –– of the extraordinary musical talents that help make Fort Worth a bona fide force in independent, underground music. The ballot (see: pg. 35 or is not comprehensive. Comprehensiveness is not the point. It’s supposed to be selective. -Ish. And while I’m sure a ton of great bands and recordings out there in our backyard deserved a spot, our nominating committee –– about two dozen movers and shakers (venue owners, booking agents, veteran scenesters) –– has undoubtedly helped our 2015 ballot come as close to ideal as humanly possible.

As part of the voting every year, we also throw a big ol’ party, featuring 48 select nominees. Yes, they’re all from Fort Worth. If not always physically, then definitely in spirit. (The name of our paper is not the North Texas Weekly. Or the Mostly Fort Worth Weekly. It’s the Fort Worth Weekly. And while we all love Dallas and Denton bands, they’ve got the Dallas Observer Music Awards. If we Weeklyteers don’t celebrate our awesome talent, no one will. You’re welcome.)

Our 13th Annual Music Awards Festival will be Sunday, June 28, at several venues in the West 7th Street corridor. As always, MAF ’15 will be free. Reserve your Uber ride home now.

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