Music Awards Ballot 2017

Music Awards Ballot 2017

The Music Awards Machinery

Before you delve into this year’s Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards ballot, let’s all take a moment to appreciate the last year in the sonic 817. The robust music scene in this town works with the precision of a Rube Goldberg Machine, with interdependent widgets and gears clicking, beeping, and falling into place to create a pulsing, breathing ball of chaotic cohesion. We’re a community of moving parts: promoters, club owners, bartenders, public relations people, journalists, musicians, soundmen, producers, door guys, bouncers, merch salesmen, videographers, music fans, and more. The awards are our humble, admittedly inadequate attempt to acknowledge the very largest pieces of the machine.

We hope you enjoy participating as much as we do – and, please, do try and have some fun with this business. Maybe your favorite drummer was snubbed, an amazing producer left out, or a band placed in the wrong category. We’re not perfect, but our ragtag little staff tries to keep our finger on the pulse as much as possible. We appreciate feedback, accept criticism, and chunk up the deuces to all you haters. (The best way to help us improve the product is to log on to Facebook or Twitter and whine to your “friends” about how terrible we are. Or. Or you could email associate editor Eric Griffey at

Every year, thousands of people from around the world cast votes, so that kind of makes every nominee a winner, right? The ballot will appear on our website 24/7 and run in the print version of our paper over the next month starting next week.

As is our custom, we’ll be selling this year’s iteration of our annual compilation, Frequencies, Vol. 8, featuring acts like Heater, Krum, Brandon Marcel, Matt Tedder, and more. All of the tunes were recorded live in studio over two days at Eagle Audio Recording Studio. Proceeds of the album will benefit a worthy local charity.

Good luck to all of the nominees, and thanks to everyone for voting.

– Eric Griffey, Music Awards Poobah

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