Music Awards Ballot 2019

Music Awards Ballot 2019

It's Time!

If you’re reading this, we owe you a debt of thanks –– not because we get a “click” or a “like” or whatever serotonin-boosting quasi-reward our social media overlords are hand-feeding us. You’re on this page because you still care about music and all of the people and places that make up this bizarre little community we call a scene. From the bottom of our shriveled, hardened, nicotine-stained hearts, thank you for being a part of this process. The people who live for this stuff (you) are the ones who keep us enthusiastically marching forward during this time of year.

As always, I’m sure we missed a few bands, albums, and songs, but the list below represents what our 60-person nominating committee thought were the brightest spots of 2019 The ballot will appear on our website 24/7 and run in the print version of our paper over the next month starting this week. We’ll count the ballots right up until the day after the Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards Festival, which takes place 5-10pm Sun, Jun 23, at eight venues on the Near Southside.

The venues will be staffed by friendly volunteers selling this year’s iteration of our annual compilation album for $5 a pop. Featuring 88 Killa, Dagger Club, Devi, Mind Spiders, Poly Dogs, Grady Spencer & The Work, and 10 others, Frequencies, Vol. 10 was recorded live over two days at Niles City Sound. Proceeds from the sale of the album will benefit United Way of Tarrant County. Good luck to all of the nominees, and thanks to everyone for voting.

– Eric Griffey, Music Awards Vibe Technician

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