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Auction Hunters Has A Hoot In Cowtown

Jeff Prince
Reality isn’t always reality on reality TV, which explains why Spike TV’s Auction Hunters keeps referring to Dallas even though the most recent show is partly filmed in Fort Worth and features Stockyards fixture Dal...

Sarah Green at Studio7

Jimmy Fowler
Studio7, the new upscale tchotchke shop in the Camp Bowie District, has been hosting a few small events leading up to its grand opening on September 10. Designer, vintage, and retro barware (as in, ice buckets, cocktail shakers...

Happy Death Day To The King

Jeff Prince
On this day in 1977, I was bent over at the waist in the Arlington High School football field end zone, stretching my calves and hamstrings alongside other teammates, wearing full pads, sweating, listening to Coach Porter bark ...

Stevie Nicks Has Still Got It

Jeff Prince
Stevie Nicks put her 63-year-old heart and soul into Friday night’s concert at Verizon Theatre and let everyone know she’s still rock royalty. She was talkative for a change and dished up far more stage patter than ...

Acting Classes at Jubilee

Jimmy Fowler
Attention, experienced and amateur Fort Worth actors who’d like to get some intense training in the craft: Jubilee Theatre artistic director Tre Garrett will conduct a syllabus-based six month actor training program that focu...

Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs Denver

Jeff Prince
There were five — count ‘em, five! — big wins during last night’s Dallas Cowboys game against the Denver Broncos, and I’m not even counting the fact that we won the game 24-23. Winning scores don&#...

Perry For Prez

Jeff Prince
In honor of Gov. Rick Perry confirming he’s a presidential candidate after first consulting with George W. Bush, somebody created this new Facebook page.

Haltom City Stories Project

Anthony Mariani
Not that Haltom City is necessarily lacking an identity, but Fort Worth multimedia artist Christopher Blay is helping define the Northeastern Tarrant County ville via his latest artistic endeavor. The Haltom City Stories Projec...

Stevie Nicks, Gay Icon

Jimmy Fowler
One of my humble missions on this big blue marble is to expand the notion of what a gay icon is. And people, you won’t find a bigger gay magnet than the white winged dove, the leather and lace-clad gypsy, the Welsh witch hers...

New Green School Set To Blossom

Jeff Prince
Betty Brink is on vacation in Florida but emailed us this blog entry and asked that we post it, so here it is: A ribbon-cutting ceremony is scheduled for tomorrow, August 12 at 10 a.m. to celebrate the opening of a state-of-the...