Stevie Nicks put her 63-year-old heart and soul into Friday night’s concert at Verizon Theatre and let everyone know she’s still rock royalty. She was talkative for a change and dished up far more stage patter than usual, showing herself at times to be both charismatic and vulnerable. Best of all, she sang like an angel for two hours and left the near-capacity crowd satisfied and happy.

One of my favorite moments happened after the first song when Nicks looked out into the crowd gathered up front and pointed out several people — “you and you and you and you” — who were recording the show. She asked them to shut off their video cameras, which were making her self-conscious and forgetful. Nicks suggested the vid-crazy fans just enjoy the show with their own eyes and ears and forget about snagging YouTube material for once.  That earned her a big hand from the crowd. (The people she chastised put their cameras away briefly, but I noticed later on some were still discreetly filming the show.)

As usual, Verizon was a great venue — the sound, lights, and staging were all excellent.


Here are a couple of YouTube videos probably posted by some of those same scolded shutterbugs: