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Big Ticket

The Modern Touts Diebenkorn
Big Ticket
What is it about Richard Diebenkorn’s Ocean Park Series that is so damn intoxicating? The vague colors (perfectly undecided, like a person who thinks too damn much)? The geometries evoking landscapes? The thick but lighter-th...

Hot, Young Fort Worth Artists?

There aren’t many — at least based on the art up on the walls now.
Where my hot, young Fort Worth artists at?! Getcher hands in the air! Getcher hands in the air!


Firehouse Art Gallery
Firehouse Art Gallery’s September show continues this week, showcasing works as different as Joyce Martin’s specimen case-like objects, Brenda Benson’s glassworks, and Pam Stern’s clay sculptures. Unlike the other Galle...

Ron Washington Is in “Moneyball”!

Kristian Lin
I didn’t have room in my review of Moneyball to include this tidbit, but the Rangers’ current manager turns up as a character in the movie. Washington was a coach on the A’s staff during the time period covere...

Is Rick Perry Dumb? Duh!

Jimmy Fowler
Ever since the website Politico published a story last month asking Is Rick Perry Dumb?, a flurry of media opinionators have declared the question unfair. There are different ways of being intelligent, they said. Not everyone h...

Charlie Sheen Roast Viciously Funny

Jeff Prince
Charlie Sheen’s publicist deserves a raise. The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen looked to be just another exploitation of Sheen’s mental and physical unraveling. But, surprisingly, he comes across as serene an...

“Gay DNA” Shirt Debuts

Jimmy Fowler
The first t-shirt produced by the Fort Worth-based startup business Touch My Tees is sooo gay. And they’re very proud of it. Their “Gay DNA” shirt features a design of a DNA sequence data strip in which the letters “...

Tony Romo Earns A Season’s Worth Of Respect

Jeff Prince
Tony Romo’s heroics during yesterday’s 27-24 victory over the San Francisco 49ers not only changed the game, they saved the season. He showed true grit in spurring a comeback victory despite busted ribs in a hostile...

Rahr’s Visionary Brew Has Arrived

Anthony Mariani
It’s here. Rahr & Sons Brewing Company’s Visionary Brew, a dark beer brewed specifically in honor of our inaugural Visionary Awards (three $500 cash prizes given to three outstanding, young Fort Worth artists: Michelle ...

Sk8boarders Say Adios To Summer

Jeff Prince
A local skateboarding enthusiast created a fun video to celebrate summer’s end. Check out  Chase Boyer’s latest project featuring his friends kicking it at various Tarrant County locales: