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A Correction

Kristian Lin
If you’re heading out to West Lincoln and the premiere of the Rose Marine Latino Film Festival, you should know that the event is not free, as stated in the print version of our newspaper. Tickets to the premiere are $5-1...

North Texas Beard Alliance

Jimmy Fowler
First off, let’s be clear what the North Texas Beard Alliance isn’t – it isn’t an organization of straight women who help gay men stay in the closet. No, the North Texas Beard Alliance is a Fort Worth-based social organ...

Texas Sharon Takes On Range Resources

Jeff Prince
Texas Sharon via her blog site Bluedaze has been exposing the natural gas industry’s heavy-handedness for years. She’s this area’s version of Erin Brockovich, taking on rich corporate polluters with little mor...

Rainbow Lounge Doc Premiere Date Set

Kristian Lin
Almost two years after we first mentioned it in our pages, the documentary Raid of the Rainbow Lounge will be showing on the big screen. Its Fort Worth premiere is on March 15 at AMC Palace at 7:30pm, with filmmaker Robert Cami...

Wrap-Up of Things Not Reported At School Board Meeting

Threatening to rain on the parade of Walter Dansby, the hometown kid who made good by being officially hired as superintendent of the Fort Worth schools a week ago, are two controversial issues that got lost in the love fest su...


A Lover and a Fighter

Mace Maben’s Encore
Mace Maben hadn’t sung in a year when he got a call to join his friends Eddie Miller and the Heavy Hitters onstage at the now-defunct Ridglea Jazz Café. There wasn’t much anguish in the decision to take the offer — it wa...

Santorum Brings the Crazy

Jimmy Fowler
File this under “really scary:” New polls indicate that Rick Santorum is the favorite primary candidate by a wide margin among Texas Republicans. (He also leads significantly in national polls; he’ll be in North Texas thi...

Fort Worth Music Co-op Re-launch

Anthony Mariani
For more than two years, the Fort Worth Music Co-op has been serving as both booking agency and local musicians’ networking organization. The ad hoc nonprofit also has done some things that it doesn’t often get credit for b...

TCU In Clutches Of Devil’s Music

Jeff Prince
The video below makes it clear why Texas Christian University is sliding off a moral precipice and plummeting into hell’s fiery clutches. After last week’s drug raid resulted in the arrest of four TCU football playe...

2012 Rahr Beer Label Design Contest

Anthony Mariani
In anticipation of our Second Annual Visionary Awards, to be awarded to three outstanding Fort Worth artists in various disciplines, Rahr & Sons Brewing Company is crafting a special beer for us, the Visionary Brew. But the...