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Oscar Worthy?

Disney’s latest nature doc, Chimpanzee is high on monkey business but short on appeal.
When two British vets of nature documentaries, one of whom was the executive producer on the landmark films The Blue Planet and Planet Earth, collaborate on a project, nature lovers are prone to salivate in anticipation like hy...


Price Line

The mayor backs drillers while working for sustainability and transparency.
Photos and story by ANDREW MCLEMORE
Most of the Fort Worth residents who gathered outside the city council chambers felt so overwhelmed they asked for a moment to collect their thoughts before responding to questions. There was so much patting of backs and loud c...

Veggies get grilled at Takara. Tony Robles

Neighborhood Hibachi

Quality Japanese fare isn’t all Takara’s selling.
I had a bunch of errands to run the other day, and they all sort of fell in an order that led me north of Loop 820 into the hinterlands of North Richland Hills. That’s probably the best explanation of why I sat down to eat al...

Charles Bowling’s 1936 painting “Texas Landscape” is emblematic of the kind of early Texas art to be celebrated this weekend by CASETA at Texas Wesleyan.

Early Texas Art Works

Big Ticket
Holy impressionism, Batman! The big-daddy annual symposium on early Texas art is this weekend at Texas Wesleyan School of Law. The Center for the Advancement and Study of Early Texas Art (CASETA) held its first convention in 20...

Bill Howard of Texas Lil Fame Dies Heroically

Jeff Prince
Bill Howard, a central figure in an alleged arson at Texas Lil’s Dude Ranch that drew national attention, died Saturday while helping a stranger who’d been injured in a highway accident. Howard was 55. He was driving in Bur...

Don McLeroy on “Colbert Report”

Jimmy Fowler
On balance, Texas probably doesn’t have more whack jobs and nut cases than other large states, but for some reason ours get more national attention, perhaps because they speak with a twang. On last night’s The Colbert Repo...

Facebook In The Garden

Andrew McLemore
Is Facebook making us lonely? The answer is murky at best, but this Atlantic cover story makes a valiant attempt to lay the foundation for a substantive discussion. Constantly connected, always distracted, we are all of us alon...

Dwindling Monarchy

Jeff Prince
Science Daily says the Monarch butterfly population is way down again this year, and quotes a Texas A&M researcher citing a “disturbing trend” — a serious decline in butterfly numbers. The Monarch butterfl...

Then I Was Walking in Fort Worth

Kristian Lin
If you live in Fort Worth and like to walk, it’s been an interesting few weeks in cyberspace. Late last year, Walkscore, a website that ranks cities by how congenial they are to pedestrians, ranked Fort Worth as the fourt...

High Speed News Porn

Jimmy Fowler
There’s an ongoing discussion about the safety of high speed vehicular pursuits by police. Can we please have a discussion about the creepiness of local TV news broadcasts covering high speed pursuits live via their helicopte...