Charles Bowling’s 1936 painting “Texas Landscape” is emblematic of the kind of early Texas art to be celebrated this weekend by CASETA at Texas Wesleyan.

Holy impressionism, Batman! The big-daddy annual symposium on early Texas art is this weekend at Texas Wesleyan School of Law. The Center for the Advancement and Study of Early Texas Art (CASETA) held its first convention in 2002 in Fort Worth. Since then it’s been held in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin, and now it’s coming home for the group’s 10th anniversary.

The event brings together scholars, historians, collectors, and dealers under one roof for a long weekend of art celebration. “For someone interested in keeping one eye on the present art scene and the other eye on the Texas past, where our cultural roots are, the CASETA symposium offers a fun way to hear the old names and see example after example of the art they created,” said local art historian Scott Barker.

Original artwork is also available from some of the state’s top dealers. The symposium isn’t cheap but proves each year that it’s worth the money for Texas art lovers. –– Jeff Prince

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CASETA’s 10th Annual Symposium runs Apr 27-29 at Texas Wesleyan School of Law, 1515 Commerce St, FW. Tickets are $125-175. Call 832-538-9297.