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Ranch women are honored in Hard Twist at the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame.

Night & Day

WED ▪ 23 The phrase “hard twist” refers both to a short knot that’s extremely difficult to break and to a short, compact person with the same durable qualities. You’ll find that in spades in Hard Twist: Western Ranch ...


Paywalls …

Fort Worth Weekly
Newspapers are sick, but maybe they’re not dying after all. Sure, layoffs continue at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, where content is shrinking and the quality is diminishing. Similar disembowelments have been happening for ye...

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor

John Q. Reader
Heart of Gold To the editor: I wanted to say thank you for Andrew McLemore’s story on Nathan and Judy Obregon (“Bait for Cruelty,” May 16, 2012). Judy has a heart of gold, and her heart often outweighs her head! Judy take...

Put Bronson Rock on your Memorial Day itinerary.

Look Out, Keller

Last Call
My inspection sticker is out of date again, and I feel a little exposed, which is why I’ve been mostly staying in my neighborhood to drink lately. I definitely wouldn’t risk driving to a place like Keller and getting drinks...

Fort Worth experimental improvisationalists Hentai Improvising Orchestra will once again collaborate with Denton's Big Rig Dance Collective, this time on a matriarch-praising sound/dance production.

Cool Mother Hunchers

Though Mother’s Day has come and gone, frequent collaborators Hentai Improvising Orchestra and Denton’s Big Rig Dance Collective have begun work on a new project, the matriarch-praising Beyond Words: For Our Mothers. Two HI...

It’s Tim Love’s world; we just live here.

He’s Left Love All Over Us

Chow, Baby
It’s springtime, and Love is in the air. I mean, everywhere, like pollen. I’m not talking about the warm, fuzzy feeling you get when the person of your dreams lifts the restraining order. No, I’m talking about Fort Worth ...


Figaro into Three Decembers

The Fort Worth Opera Festival marches on with two more superb productions.
Leonard Eureka and Anthony Mariani
Fort Worth Opera general director Darren Woods has a leg up in finding fresh young talent; since he serves off-season on the jury for the Metropolitan Opera’s regional auditions and directs a summer opera workshop for young s...


Jim Crow Redux

War on drugs or on minority communities?
Alan Bean couldn’t miss the headline splashed across the top of his hometown paper one summer morning in 1999. It spoke of big news for the 5,000-person burg in West Texas: a big drug bust that landed a sizable portion of the...

The guys in Fort Nox now have kids as old as they were when they first started rapping.

Fort Nox: Golden Years

Fort Worth rapping trio challenges you youngsters to battle
The three rappers in Fort Worth’s Fort Nox have always had timing on their side. They might be older cats, compared to some of the young MCs now just coming into the Fort’s oh-so-fragile rapping scene, but Desmond Anderson,...

Judi Dench, Tom Wilkinson, and Bill Nighy find their way around Jaipur in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

Marigold Hotel: Indian Summer

The pleasures are minor in this British comedy for seniors.
We’ve all seen movies about British people who travel abroad to find their true selves. There is no shortage of examples, from the pretty fair Enchanted April 20 years ago to Salmon Fishing in the Yemen this past spring. Many...