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Greenling provides local food and home delivery, but higher prices. Courtesy Photo

Veggies at Your Door

Another company tries home grocery delivery — with a green twist.
When Sherri Glaser saw an ad online a few months ago for Greenling, a home-delivery service specializing in local and organic food, she was eager to support the venture. When her third order came last Wednesday, she received a ...

Joshua West’s “Arrested Motion”


Watercolor doesn’t have to be limited to paintings, as the new exhibit at UNT on the Square cheekily entitled H2OHUE/UNT demonstrates. This show has 3D works and film that are rendered in watercolor as well.  

Kara Hayward and Jared Gilman find their way through the wilderness to Moonrise Kingdom.

Moonrise Kingdom: Sam ♥ Suzy

I ♥ Wes Anderson’s dreamy romantic adventure for kids.
All of Wes Anderson’s movies are children’s movies. That’s what I realized while watching his Moonrise Kingdom, a spellbinding piece of work that opens in Fort Worth this week. You’d think his 2009 animated film, Fantas...

Logan Marshall-Green, Noomi Rapace, and Michael Fassbender puzzle out the meaning of an alien civilization's artifacts in "Prometheus."

Prometheus: “Get It Out of Me!”

Astronauts play with fire in Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel.
To answer your first question about Ridley Scott’s Prometheus: Yes, it is a prequel to his 1979 sci-fi classic Alien. The director has hemmed and hawed about that in public, but the final shot of his current movie leaves no d...

Tang’s Pacific Bistro offers ninja chips, a beef ramen bowl, a California roll, and sesame chicken. Lee Chastain

Pacific Tang

Nothing’s hoity-toity about this small local chain, but everything’s solid.
In any category of ethnic food, places that hew to their original tradition are usually better bets than the Americanized versions of same. But sometimes, ethnic and Americanized can be a good combo — as with Tang’s Pacific...

John Graham’s “Table Top Still Life with Bird”

Three Musketeers

Betty Brink
For some reason, John D. Graham is never mentioned among the giants of the abstract expressionist movement. Born Ivan Gratianovich Dombrowsky in Kiev in 1886, he had been a lawyer and a decorated veteran of World War I before h...

Though not patently obvious, Smith’s painting “Western Vistas” was inspired by mapmaking and naturalism.

Geography, Class

Mark Smith’s abstracted panoramas are drawn from nature and technology.
Painter Mark Smith, 60, came by his love of the natural world early. As a kid, he spent equal time in the countryside near Denton and in Santa Rosa, New Mexico, in a little house on a high plateau near the eastern edge of the R...


Who’s An Armendariz? And What Bombshell?

Jeff Prince
Al Armendariz, this region’s former administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, will speak at a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing this week in Washington, D.C. The group is looking into the EPA’s...


R.I.P., Kaneto Shindô

Kristian Lin
Sad but not unexpected news comes to us from Japan: Yesterday, filmmaker Kaneto Shindô passed away just a month after his 100th birthday. Contrary to some news reports, Shindô was not the oldest currently active filmmaker. Hi...


Romo Romo’d

Jeff Prince
  Talk about harsh. Yardbarker.com blogged a bite of Tony Romo’s butt today, beginning with the headline “Tony Romo Spreads His Suck Across A Second Sport.” This article blames “the ruinous presence...