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Sound alone tells the story of Julia Pastrana at Amphibian.

A New Home for Amphibians

Well, this is a curious decision. After years of being a wandering theatrical troupe, giving performances at TCU, Fort Worth Community Art Center, and the Modern, the fine folks at Amphibian Productions have at long last settle...


Death Race 2012: Texas Edition

Jimmy Fowler
Do I trust Texas drivers to stick to an 85 mph speed limit? Sure… in a 65 mph zone. Much national handwringing has occurred over a new 41-mile stretch of toll road between Austin and San Antonio that, as of today, boasts Amer...

The debate did virtually nothing to shed light on the two candidates. COURTESY OF DONKEYHOTEY.

Missed The Debates? You Didn’t Miss Much

Andrew McLemore
Here’s how I’d sum up each of the three presidential debates: Big Bird. Binders full of women. Horses and bayonets. Anyone who skipped the debates for the media highlights will immediately know what I’m talkin...

(photo by ken lund)

Ding Dong The Bell Is Back

Jeff Prince
Good news for everyone except tinnitus sufferers — the courthouse clock tower will resume ringing today. Other than sporadic test rings, the tower bell has been quiet since a $4.5 million reconstruction project began in A...

(photo by rambergmedia)

NY Times Follows Big Gas Money Trail

Jeff Prince
The New York Times dug deep and published an amazing investigative piece on the natural gas industry. The article examines the relationships between gas drillers and bankers as they created a boom. The smart ones got in early a...


Big Tex Burns (30 Years Too Late)

Jeff Prince
A native North Texan such as myself could be considered profane for saying good riddance to an iconic mascot such as Big Tex. It’s blasphemous. But when news spread about Big Tex going up in blazes this morning, my first ...

Illinois High School Students Compete In State Rodeo Championships

2012 World Gay Rodeo Finals

Jimmy Fowler
Living your life as, say, a drag queen takes special courage. You have to know who you are and what you’re not going to take from an often unfriendly world. But life as an openly gay rodeo cowboy (or cowgirl) requires a big s...

PUTTING THE "O" IN A-HOLE (photo by Keith Allison).

Is It Petty To Revel In A-Rod’s Downfall?

Jeff Prince
Alex Rodriguez made my sh#tlist from Day One. Day One around here was when Texas Rangers owner Tom Hicks forked over $252 million to nab A-Rod in free agency. The contract seemed like drunken spending by an owner who proved him...

The staging of Britten's "Noye's Fludde" in Wes Anderson's "Moonrise Kingdom."

Benjamin Britten and “Moonrise Kingdom”

Kristian Lin
Benjamin Britten’s music is one of my specialties, as it happens, and it’s front and center for one of my favorite movies of the year, Moonrise Kingdom. I didn’t have space to address the way Wes Anderson’s film uses Br...

Tyler Perry stars in this adaptation of James Patterson’s novel about a homicide cop who confronts a serial killer (Matthew Fox).

Film Shorts

OPENING: Alex Cross (PG-13) Tyler Perry stars in this adaptation of James Patterson’s novel about a homicide cop who confronts a serial killer (Matthew Fox). Also with Giancarlo Esposito, Edward Burns, Rachel Nichols, Jean Re...