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How A Navy Veteran Made A Mary Kay Beachhead
Being a woman in the U.S. Navy was a tough job, Debra Cardenas said. Meaning, you had to be tough to survive. Women who wanted to do something beyond secretarial jobs, she said, “had to carry themselves in a different way. We...

It may not capture a purist’s heart, but Bayou Jack’s Cajun fare sure is tasty. Vishal Malhotra

So7, So Cajun

Amid apartments and Mexican joints, up pops tasty Bayou Jack’s.
Bayou Jack’s Cajun Grill is a small restaurant wedged into a West 7th street location between apartment complexes, more apartment complexes, and a location of the Mexican-food chain Chuy’s. In fact, if you call Jack’s for...

TBT’s production has new sets and some additional characters.

New Nutcracker

Texas Ballet Theater has retired its old, sumptuous production of The Nutcracker for a fresh version. A gift from the now-defunct Ballet Florida of West Palm Beach, the new arrangement of sets and costumes is essentially a than...

Eight-bit technology drives Fort Worth artist Kris Pierce.

Headed to Falloff

Two Fort Worth artists unite for a conceptually spooky show.
The corridor is kind of creepy. Long. Dimly lit. Looks like it’s empty all the time. Very ax murderer-y. Located on the second floor of Tarrant County College’s Southeast Campus, this stretch of vinyl tile is definitely hai...


Donkey Love: Try It, You’ll Like It

Can we send the donkeys of Fort Worth a little more love? (Get all the “Tijuana matinee” jokes out of your system now, please). With the third donkey killed by an arrow in the city’s far north rural area in about 18 month...

(Flickr photo by jd tornow)

Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs. Philly

Jeff Prince
Okay, so it was like finding an old, severely injured eagle lying on the side of the road…and then beating it to death with a two-by-four. But, hey, the Cowboys showed heart. The ‘Boys of Christmases Past stumbled i...